Download Hill Climb Racing v1.16.0

Hill Climb RacingHill climbing is 2D physics based game which is very popular and available on Android, iOS and windows. It is developed by fingersoft and was first released in 2012 for both Android and iOS. It has both single player and multiplayer modes of play. The objective of the game is to drive through different racing stages which has its own peculiarities. The main aim is to collect coins while driving and can be collected even by performing different stunts in the air. These coins can be spent in upgrades and new cars. Driving the car across these terrains require gas or battery power. You can pick up gas canisters and battery while driving which can be used to refuel the car. Your character can also die by running out of gas or hitting the ground for ceiling. Every stage has its own characteristics such as gravity , terrain and elevation which makes it challenging for you.

Features of Hill Climb Racing v.1.16.0

Some of the new features added to this version are-

  • Attractive graphics with challenging gameplay.
  • Engine sounds to make the game more real like.
  • In this version, you can now share your score with your friends.
  • New cars such as ambulance, police car and big finger included.
  • New levels such as junkyard and rooftops included.
  • External link to Hill climbing merchandise.
  • Can be played with both high resolution and low resolution devices.
  • Good looking user interface.
  • High score menu and distance to next gas can will be displayed in this version.

How to download Hill Climb Racing v1.16.0?

Click the link below to download the Hill Climb Racing game.

Download Hill Climb Racing

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